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'6 May 2019 - The short story compilation Sob Stories has been started. This will be written throughout the series as more characters emerge.

20 Apr 2019 - Firewing's Pride has been completed, and Sleetshine's secret is now being worked on while the book on Lucy is being planned.

23 Feb 2018 - Progeny in Tickets has been released! Download at https://www.dropbox.com/s/3d6o7mx45g7q8vo/Warrior%20Cats-%20Progeny%20in%20Tickets.sb2?dl=0. If you are lost, take a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMZvYvfK3Bk&feature=youtu.be .

27 Nov 2018 - The West Woods remake has been abandoned, but the process made will still continue. West Woods: Foundations will still be about the foundation of BrambleClan. The games Robinpaw, Robinpaw; Without a Mother; and Progeny in Tickets will be continued. The games after Kit to Leader are instead going to try to fix all the incest and single kit births in families..

27 Nov 2018 - Clans have been added! Ask me, SascavaHuski, which of the four clans (BrambleClan, FireClan, FallenClan, SunClan) you want on your profile.

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These are the characters that need stories. Some only I could do because it deals with unreleased information. Our helpers that are willing to write a story must be familiar with the character and series they are in.

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Series Storyline

ThunderClan was home to the future founder of BrambleClan. In fact, he was the leader, Bramblestar. Bramblestar was a good leader, and he did what he believed was best for his clan, but it was hard to protect them when most of the clan wasn't willing to follow his orders. Due to the reputation of his father, Bramblestar was seen as a ticking time bomb. Any moment, the clan believed he would turn on his clan. His mate, Squirrelflight, was one of the only cats who fully supported him....

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